UCICA is a Federally Registered Association of Canadian Licensed Immigration Consultants working for members and protecting public interest.

U.C.I.C.A. is the only organization for RCICs and their clients which is practically working and protecting its *member(s) objective interest globally.  

U.C.I.C.A. is all about RCIC member(s) offering a common platform to protect and reach for their rights and general public who are client(s) of RCIC, relating to citizenship and Immigration laws/programs in Canada and internationally. 

U.C.I.C.A. fosters professionalism and work ethics via learning , awareness and educational excellence for its members and general  public.

*Regular membership is free.

*Services offered or being member of this association is not a right, it is a privilege. Association administration may revoke membership if rules are violated.

We thank some serious members who have, without any financial interest or obligation, participated in an initial process to establish this association being incorporated and then being operational. This support includes their time, funds and personal efforts to reach to members. We encourage all association members to donate and participate in this joint objective effort/cause.

  • There are serious consequences for those who break Canada’s immigration laws, including possible criminal records, court-imposed fines, probation periods, incarceration and eventual deportation.
  • To report immigration fraud in Canada, please call the Border Watch Toll-free Line at 1‑888-502-9060. All information is treated as confidential. 
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Unauthorised Consultants & Notices

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