(LAR) Legal Assistance & Representation (for RCIC)

In this program UCICA will provide full legal assistance to its members via a team of legal professionals/lawyer. Now UCICA members should have no fear at all when dealing with a complaint, by having legal representation at a very nominal cost, not based on an hourly rate but rather a flat rate based membership fee.

RCIC should know what new has been added to the current ICCRC by-laws and regulations which could seriously require a legal representation to protect your reputation and practice? Imagine: a simple issue related to any of the new enforcement may trigger a warning, caution, and subsequently a massive fine or suspension of license. A majority of the RCICs have no legal background and are forced to either plead guilty or accept the charges, and then their name will be on the ICCRC website.  If this happens to a lawyer, he/she considers their career has ended or is done, because no client will trust them anymore and the other lawyers will print and save that record to show clients.

All RCICs need serious legal representation to deal with all matters when it happens to protect his/her reputation and status. Finding and hiring a legal representative who is trained in regulatory complaints is not easy or cheap. Regulatory complaints properly represented by a legal professional may cost an RCIC around $5K to $25K.

UCICA is the only organization/association which is truly working to protect the RCICs and their interest as well as the public.

Keeping in view current needs for legal protection when needed, UCICA is introducing a new program for RCICs which will not only make their life easy in such situations but also give peace of mind that their rights are protected. When an RCIC receives a letter of caution or warning or a complaint from the regulator, all that is required is to forward it to a designated legal professional who is fully authorized to represent you in that matter, no matter wherever you are, in Canada or overseas.

While keeping UCICA regular membership 100% free for RCICs, we have added a new level of membership for a nominal monthly subscription with all benefits of the regular level, plus the following:

Procedure and how to apply:

Click here to apply for LAR Plan  Service start date: Jan 15, 2018   Other services for members including PUAR System Compliance

UCICA Offers a comprehensive solution to its RCIC members with the following requirements.

Program Details

D.            (LAR) Legal Assistance & Representation (for RCIC) included in this program:

Legal representation protection on any matter related to the regulator’s cautionary or warning letter, full representation in the investigation, full representation in PMC (pre-hearing/trial conference) and full guidance based support in a disciplinary complaint hearing. You don’t have to pay any legal fees to any lawyer or legal professional on any such representation for areas included in this service. 

  • 1-      Regulatory warnings and cautionary letters response (Included)
  • 2-    Regulatory complaint from intake to final investigation (Included)
  • 2-      Regulatory complaint from final investigation to PMC hearing (Included)
  • 3-      Regulatory complaint from PMC Hearing to Disciplinary Hearing (Not-Included)
  • 4-      Disciplinary decision to Appeal Committee (Not-Included)

Privacy and confidentiality: 100% (no information is shared with anyone other than the counsel representing the members and the regulator’s complaint administration staff) 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a licensed Immigration Consultant.
  • UCICA Membership is not mandatory.
  • Regulatory Complaints and related matters received by the member after the date of subscription approval  will be considered.
  • For pre-exisiting or pending matters before the subscription are not covered please contact manager via email before registering.
  • Service level covers legal matters arsing from regulatory by-laws, code of ethics and polices. 
CAD 75 PM. Billed in advance on monthly basis
30% Discount for a regular UCICA member. UCICA's regular Membership is 100% free use above link to JOIN today

Procedure and how to apply:

Click here to apply for LAR Plan  Service start date: Jan 15, 2018


In the wake of recent new ICCRC Regulations and By-Laws approved at the 2017 AGM, the ICCRC Registrar and DARC have more reasons and powers than ever before to enforce the following:

On top of the current code of ethics and disciplinary complaint process covered by laws and regulations including PUAR, with extreme powers in the hands of the registrar, the following has been approved by the ICCRC Board and CAPIC at the 2017 AGM:

  • CAUTION is being added as it relates to a possible action of the Registrar, the Complaints Committee or the Discipline Committee for matters considered less serious than requiring a formal reprimand.
  • Adding the new Professional Fees Review Committee and renaming the Review Committee the Fitness to Practice Committee throughout the By-law.
  • Addition of trademarks (which are government-registered) in addition to basic logos.
  • BREACHES OF REGULATIONS section 19.1: Staff may refer to the Registrar – is being added which enables regulatory offences to be referred directly and expeditiously to the Registrar without the need to engage the lengthy and expensive full complaints and discipline process first.
  • REGISTRAR’S LETTER OF CONCERN OR WARNING section 27.2 : This provision permits the Registrar, separate to the complete and costly complaints and discipline process, to deal expeditiously with matters involving civility and other lesser matters of unprofessional behaviour that do not warrant engaging the more fulsome process. Disagreement with the issuance of a Letter of Concern or Warning are appealable to the Appeal Committee.
  • COMMITTEE AUTHORITY section 29.4: An original By-law oversight – Should the Complaints Committee conclude that a complaint is better disposed of as a matter of fitness (capacity or competency) to practice, the Committee may refer a complaint to the Review (Fitness to Practice) Committee instead of sending the matter to the Discipline Committee.
  • REVIEW COMMITTEE – FITNESS TO PRACTICE section 31: The function of the Review Committee is to assess an RCIC’s fitness to practice in the cases of capacity, competency, and bankruptcy. Confusion has existed as to the function of the committee by its name “Review Committee,” thinking it may be associated with the annual compliance audit, etc. Following the example of other major regulators, and with the proposed introduction of a professional fees review Committee, it is proposed that the committee be renamed the Fitness to Practice Committee. The general working acronym “DARC” would still be maintained to refer generally to all the Council’s professional standards tribunals.
  • COMMITTEE NOT TO REVIEW CERTAIN COMPLAINTS section 29.2 (d) – (f) (page 28 of 85): These amendments enhance the complaints and professional standards function. To greater protect the public, if multiple complaints are filed against a Member, staff will be permitted to quickly refer the collective complaint files to an ICCRC prosecutor to ascertain whether an urgent hearing before the Discipline Committee is warranted to possibly suspend the Member’s licence while the complaints are being dealt with.
  • REVIEW OF DECISION BY THE INDEPENDENT COMPLAINTS REVIEW OFFICER section A1A : This review would consist of a review of the process that was followed in determining that a complaint should be dismissed and not referred. The ICRO will not have the authority to overturn a decision of the Complaint Committee, but could send a file back to the Committee for further consideration if so warranted.
  • PROFESSIONAL FEES REVIEW COMMITTEE section B1B:  A reoccurring complaint from some clients is the question of allegedly being charged excessive professional fees. This is an issue that has also been raised by senior officials at IRCC, who expressed their displeasure with the Council’s current position of simply referring the client to Small Claims Court. This amendment will establish a new voluntary mediation-type mechanism whereby an RCIC and his/her client, on a consent basis, may submit their unresolvable professional billing issues to a panel of RCIC peers for an assessment as to whether they are considered “customary and reasonable.” The outcome from the review will be to determine if the fees charged are reasonable and customary or alternatively unacceptable in which case a refund may be ordered.

UCICA Support for Members

It has been brought to UCICA attention that several RCICs have been investigated simply on a client’s complaint form with minimal or no evidence and then pressured to make some kind of deal to avoid suspension.

Their names are published on the regulator’s website without being convicted or even having a fair hearing. Their practice and reputation is ruined.  On the other hand we have reason to believe that several complaints against high-profile RCICs with strong evidence have not been dealt with in the same way. This seems to be unfair.

Not knowing and protecting your legal rights during any regulatory complaint, civil claim or proceeding can become very stressful, resulting in serious damage to your professional practice, family and personal life. 

In reality, dealing with the regulator’s complaint investigators is more stressful than facing a client’s civil claim.

Hiring a legal professional to represent you in this situation and answer on your behalf could be the best way not only to take care of a stressful issue but also to understand and protect your rights.

It may seem that hiring a lawyer will mean spending a lot of money. Lawyers charge over $100–200 per hour and there is no limit or control over how many hours they will bill you.

Well, this is not the case for UCICA members anymore.

UCICA has made special arrangements to assist its members in this situation. UCICA will provide full legal assistance to its members via a team of legal professionals consisting of lawyers. Now UCICA members should have no fear at all when dealing with a complaint, by having legal representation at a very nominal cost, not based on an hourly rate but rather on a nominal monthly fee subscribtion. 

Limitations and basic policy disclosure:

  1. UCICA service under this program is not contingent on ICCRC requirements or regulations; rather it is to protect the public interest and to facilitate its members/subscribers in any current or new regulatory system.


"U.C.I.C.A." is a Canadian non-profit organization. 

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