Membership levels & general policy at U.C.I.C.A.

U.C.I.C.A. General Membership of Licensed Immigration Consultants   (CURRENT LICENSED MEMBERS DIRECTORY ONLY VISIBLE TO ACTIVE MEMBERS)

U.C.I.C.A. Membership is not for anyone, or constitute an automatic right for anyone to claim or consider. UCICA membership is privilege and administration has right to deny if applicant is not meeting the following policy or criteria. UCICA membership is 100% FREE and comes with FREE benefits to assist its members without any obligation or subjective interest. UCICA membership is for the public and only those like mind licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants whose top priority is to respect and protect the Public interest and maintain highest professional standard. They also believe in true democracy, transparency, accountability and most importantly maintain the true spirit of honest character in their regular practice. 

Membership criteria and general policy: 

Public Membership Policy & Criteria

  1. Must be related to matter or service as described on UCICA for the public program
  2. Must provide evidence connected to UCICA for the public program
  3. Must provide a copy of proof of Government issued photo ID to verify the identity. Click here to send copy of ID or related documents via email

Licensed Immigration Consultant(s) Membership

UCICA's membership policies are not bound by other private corporation's polices or rules or require such approval.  UCICA's Mission, purpose and support is for all Immigration Consultants and without any condition(s), However, there are certain resources/benefits  which are available to members only. If you wish to become a registered member of UCICA, you must follow our polices and eligibility criteria.

All U.C.I.C.A. members are screened very carefully before becoming a member. This screening is based on their current and past affiliations with other organizations and their interaction with clients and other fellow members and through a background check. 

Proof of eligibility :(Required to attach with application)·         

  • Your application may not be processed if UCICA is unable to verify your identity or credentials.
  • Applicant/Member must provide a proof of being licensed Immigration Consultant, which could be member's regulatory license number with the copy of ID card or any Government issued ID. (This should be attached only in given section of the membership application form) or 
  • If you are an active member of the CPD House or P.D.L.E.S., we can verify your status direct from their database. In this case only a photo ID will be required.
  • Ultimately its is member's responsibility to identify him/herself, without verification we cannot accept any application.
Even if you are a member of CPD House - P.D.L.E.S. but you are in the following situation:

Conflict of interest: 

·         Avoiding Conflict of Interest and protecting member's privacy: UCICA and its members may share confidential information related to their profession and practice. And to protect the interest of membership, it is important for UCICA administration to take certain measures. 

·         If an RCIC/applicant is (currently or within last 12 months) an active staff or working in any position with the current regulatory body or an organization with is directly or indirectly linked or working for the inetrest of the regulatory body or its director or officer, we may not accept your application for membership. 

For example, If you are working for the ICCRC in any capacity or you are an officer,director or an active member of the (CAPIC) the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. In this case please apply following:


You can provide an evidence of such disconnection. Such as a written declaration explaining the situation with proof of dis-connectivity from such association. We respect all members and hope they understand this policy. 

Other if applicable

  • Must not be involved in any current or past criminal activity anywhere in the world
  • Must not have any public record such as undischarged bankruptcy 
  • Must not be involved in any kind of activity which falls against the public, the profession or the membership objective interest.

Only approved and active regular members of U.C.I.C.A. can apply for following roles within the organization.


We treat all with equal respect and dignity; no one is above any one else, no matter what.

Most of our organizational matters are run and controlled by competent, honest and hardworking volunteers.

Volunteers may perform the following duties as and when required, without any personal conflicting interest:

Member of central administrative committee

This committee looks after the national administrative part of the organization, such as how to run and operate the business affairs, national policy making, rules for the membership, membership approvals, advising and making decisions on objective issues, collecting donations, maintaining trust and expense accounts and arranging members meetings and events, organizing educational events for the the members at national level, assisting regional chapters and committees to adopt designated task for the objective interest and selection or election of regional committees. 

Member of regional administrative chapters committees

These committees look after the regional administrative part of the organization. 

Set realistic and measurable goals with the committee members and in consultation with the Association national board • Develop an action plan for meeting goals • Get approval for the action plan from the Association board of directors • Ensure the Association assessment, member satisfaction survey and community survey are conducted annually • Plan membership drives and special member events • Provide regular reports to the Association board • Maintain contact with Association to report status, share ideas and ask questions or seek advice • Clearly communicate the importance of membership efforts to Association members • Teach others how to invite people to the Association • Communicate results of membership efforts • Plan and conduct (or assist with) new-member orientation • Ensure new members are reported and promptly inducted during a meaningful ceremony • Ensure new members are immediately involved in Association activities

How to be a part of committee:

In General members who have signed up for volunteer level will be called for nominations. Every year, when a nomination/election is called, interested members may submit their resume for selection.

Except for the executive committee, all committees will be elected for a 2-year period. After 2 years committees will be elected again, and membership may elect new committee members or re-elect the same members. As long as membership requirements are satisfied, there is no cool-off or vacation period restricting someone from being on the committee again.

There is no election or selection of general volunteer or supporter-level affiliation; we are all in it for common objectives and cause. One can join happily and also leave happily by simply making such request via web contact.

Communicating with UCICA or committees:

We have all committee members’ information published online, so it should not be hard for anyone to reach out directly to them. Once the request is assessed, the committee member can initiate further action.

Since we intend to keep costs at a minimum, we prefer to communicate via designated committee members or web forms and messaging tools such as forums, blogs and certain activity request-related web pages.

Members may call UCICA’s given number and leave a message; however, the message will be replied to via email and through the designated committee only.

Time is precious for all of us. Though we are all volunteers and committee members, and are there to assist the association, we do have our own practice and responsibilities to carry on, so please respect your and our time when initiating any communication.

This is also necessary to assess requests and situations properly and to document all communications for the future.

Membership at all levels is free Join the team now Join us

 Disputes or dissatisfaction with UCICA:

Not a problem, since all our services are free and for an objective cause, lobbying and support for each other. You may simply disconnect if you wish, and this can be done via a simple email message.

Your affiliation with UCICA is not mandatory or for anyone else’s interest. It is for objective interest and you don’t have to be a part of it, if not wiling and satisfied.

The only way you can voice your message freely and express your experience, good or bad, is via UCICA’s open blogs. You are encouraged to do so by respecting the given rules and letting other members make their own decisions.

You may also contact the members support committee to discuss such a situation and seek a better resolution.


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